Privacy Seal

With the Privacy Seal you are upfront about your level of compliance with the law. And because all relevant information is recorded in your Organisation Dossier, you can prove your compliancy.

The management of the organisation is honest and upfront about their own behaviour and can express this publically on this website through the Privacy Seal. This makes the management accountable for their privacy formulation. All relevant information, such as proof of the effective operation of your measures, are recorded as irrefutable evidence in your Organisation Dossier.

If your chain- or network partner clicks on your Privacy Seal on this website, they will be redirected to your website. Though the company information and more specifically your legal entity framework that is displayed, you can also enclose who your data protection officer is and include their contact information.

Mind your Own Business Information (MYOBI) facilitates partners in a network of unambiguous and predictable morals. These morals are related to laws and regulations and apply to definitions of concepts, processes and compliance. MYOBI uses taxonomies based upon the Organisation Dossier for the registering of those morals.

Partners can record and manage their company information in the Organisation Dossier. Deals, contract and agreements can also be recorded and managed in the Organisation Dossier. A partner can agree with MYOBI to share mutations of the company structure with specifically appointed partners.

The Personal Dossier is used by the management of an organisation to record their own relevant information. This makes the organisation not just accountable for the company policy, but also for the dealings of the (de facto) management.

The EU legislator expects companies and institutes to be accountable to the public. You could say the management of an organisation is being encouraged to be upfront about the maturity level of their accountability and to make this public. MYOBI facilitates this through the Privacy Seal.

How? The management indicates their own maturity level. MYOBI publicises this on their website through the Privacy Seal they have developed. The maturity level is assessed on a yearly basis through a managerial consultation by MYOBI.