Trusted Third Party

The Trusted Third Party (TTP) that is part of the resilient data protection agreement, enables a common set of agreements and acts in a de-escalating manner. That way you limit the risk of fines and third party claims.

Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI) is a Trusted Third Party (TTP for short) that facilitates the cooperation of partners within a network. The necessity is twofold:

  • to manage and control the risks of liability and costs for parties; and
  • to enable the exchange of company information in an efficient and cost effective way, as well as using a common set of agreements within a network.

MYOBI is responsible for the managing the network, is independent and will intervene when a party is not compliant with the common set of agreements. MYOBI regulates, facilitates and verifies. When parties disagree, MYOBI acts as a de-escalating force. The functions, duties and competencies of MYOBI are specified in the TTP Policy.

The TTP Policy was drafted and is published at

The chosen set up makes it possible for different TTPs to cross-certify. This enables all participants of TTPs to exchange company information in an effective manner and to enter into and maintain contracts and agreements within the network.

MYOBI offers participating partners the use of the following documents:


  • The TTP Policy;
  • The Mediation Rules;
  • The Privacy Framework;
  • The Data Breach and Incidents Protocol; and
  • The Privacy Seal policy.

The Contracting Guidebook

  • The Proposal resilient data processing agreement;
  • The connection agreement TTP;
  • The data processing agreement with TTP;
  • The data processing agreement without TTP with Privacy Seal; 
  • The data processing agreement without TTP without Privacy Seal;
  • The standard offer resilient data processing agreement to counter party;
  • A set of standard letters; and
  • The request for permission of use of the NFU / Duthler Associates privacy framework.

MYOBI is able to act as a de-escalating force between network partners by utilising the Mediation Rules and the Data Breach and Incidents Protocol.

The Privacy Seal policy is enacted by MYOBI in the awarding of Privacy Seals, in which the accountability of the management of an organisation comes to expression. MYOBI periodically checks the Maturity Level of organisation through the use of a Managerial Consultation.

Each connected party can use the online company dossiers. Through the taxonomies, which are based upon laws and regulations, the Organisation Dossier and the Personal Dossier are generated and made available via de MYOBI website. A company or institution stores their company information and contract positions in the Dossier. The Dossiers are dynamic by nature. The management of an organisation processes all mutations in the Dossier and is able to exchange those with the relevant network partners.