Your company information

Only share the company information you want to share.

Your partners need to trust you in order to do fair business with you. This trust is based on the company information you share with your partners. The reliability of business information is derived from continuously confirming the accuracy of the company information. 

You are accountable for your business information. You decide which information to share with whom. 

Your partners want to trust your business information and are looking for leads to be able to do that. You, in turn, want to trust the business information of your partners and are looking for those leads. When enough assurances regarding the company information are found, an effective and cost efficient network to do business and exchange information is created. 

Mind Your Own Business Information (MYOBI), a trusted third party, facilitates partners in a network of unambiguous and predictable morals. These morals apply to definitions of concepts, processes and compliance related to laws and regulations. This enables you to rate and control the auditability and accountability of your company or organisation and to share with your partners company information within that context, as well as the (re)confirmation of that information.

In line with the sharing of company information MYOBI also facilitates entering into contracts and agreements with your partners.